Leeds' SMARTdigital futures park

72 acre campus of the future

Over 1 million SQ FT of space

Linking business and academia

Ground breaking architecture

ICON (The International Campus for New Technology) is our vision for the future of White Rose Park and the Millshaw Industrial Estate. ICON would be a 72 acre campus style development incorporating office, education, residential and leisure assets creating an environment where academia and business meet to fuel innovation and collaboration.

ICON will be a SMART campus where business and education meet and combine, where the brightest minds can come together and entrepreneurship thrives. An environment that inspires and stimulates growth underpinned with state-of-the-art data and technology infrastructure. A place where life and work integrate seamlessly and societies grow where the brightest minds of today solve the problems of tomorrow.

Our innovation centric ethos will drive ground breaking architecture with sustainability considered from the ground up. The campus would incorporate all of the facets for daily life to promote a concept of a no mobility existence for its population, allowing them to live and work in harmony in spaces that are designed to harness well-being.